Higher Diploma and Diploma Programmes

Higher Diploma in English Language

Our Higher Diploma in English Language is a highly competent higher diploma which guides you up to the master level starting from a beginners level in both spoken English and English Literature. Upon the successful completion of our HDEL, students are eligible to follow the City and Guilds courses. Barriers to grammar , spellings, speaking errors and many other mistakes of English speaking can be overcome by our HDEL program.

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Orher Courses

Advance Spoken English for Beginners

Our advance Spoken English for Beginners course is especially designed for the students who are willing to start learning English from an elementary level. The main objective of the course is to develop student s speaking ability to develop and raise up. Further this course is counted as a foundation course for the Higher Diploma in English Language conducted by Infortec.

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English for Kids

There is an especial English program for Kids. Which is for the development of our kid's knowledge about English Knowledge.

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