Messege of the President

Dear Prospective Students..!

First of all, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the students and I warmly welcome you all to INFORTEC INTERNATIONAL ASIA CAMPUS (IIAC). INFORTEC INTERNATIONAL ASIA CAMPUS (IIAC) is a pioneer tertiary education providers in Sri Lanka established in 1999, which has near 2 decade's experience in the tertiar education Industry in Sri Lanka. Annually we have guided over 1500 of students in all the branches Kandy, Nugegoda, Gampaha, Kurunagala & Galle. IIA Campus has been able to build up a unique identification in Sri Lanka. This has been achieved through a qualified and well experienced lecture panel, by providing personal development programs and non-academic programs in order to enhance the students' personality, productivity and create positive attitudes.

At present IIAC provides professional courses such as IT, Management, HRM ,Tourism, Hospitality Management and Finance courses which students can get the eligibility to enroll in every course according to the requirement. The scholarship schemes at IIAC helps the students who are facing financial problems to overcome in that barrier and continue with their studies.

There are some events, activities and techniques which is very unique to IIAC. We use the latest equipment & technologies such as multimedia projectors, Internet, e-books, Virtual Learning Environments and effective learning techniques such as group work, quiz programs, extracurricular activities inside and outside the class rooms and it is the recipe to complete the comprehensive syllabus of all the courses conducted by the Institute. The method of teaching is really different and we are rich with very qualified and well experienced lecture panel.

IIAC makes a complete transformation of the students state of mind for a better way and guide them to go up to even the degree level. Another advantage is that the students will be able to continue their higher studies with local and foreign universities. My wish to improve the livelihoods of students in Sri Lanka by "returning technology to the students" rather than asking the student to adapt to technology. My staff will be together to guide all of you through excellent supervision. The cooperative effort of the academic and administration is really strait forward for a better career. As the Managing Director and the President of INFORTEC INTERNATIONAL ASIA CAMPUS, it is my responsibility to provide a clear direction for all the students in advanced.

At last my advice is that each person has a goal or a dream to accomplish. “Forget your past, just live in present and plan your future. So come and join with INFORTEC INTERNATIONAL ASIA CAMPUS and make your dream a success. INFORTEC INTERNATIONAL ASIA CAMPUS is the place where you can explore and expand the knowledge under a well experienced, competent and friendly staff. So Experience the difference with IIA CAMPUS”.

" INFORTEC INTERNATIONAL ASIA CAMPUS is a pioneer campus of tertiary education in Sri Lanka "